Melina Sweet Temptations

Our journey in the land of sweet flavors & aromas began in 2009, when our love and passion for the pure, quality and authentic, led us to the creation of “Melina Patisserie” in the enchanting and idyllic port of Fiscardo!!!

Our goal

  • To offer our guests homemade sweets based on pure delicate materials and simple techniques, just as we would make them in our house’s kitchen.!
  • Breakfast & Brunch as we would cook them for our family!
  • Snacks like moms flavor, and of course coffee, drinks, beverages and much more, able to satisfy all our friends.

Our priority

Your absolute satisfaction through an enjoyable sweet & tasty delusion.

Our wish

Let our visitors leave with a sweet aftertaste, capable of making them want to return to “Melina Patisserie” but also to act as “ambassadors”.

We will be there to take you on a journey into this wonderful world of our own flavors, aromas and senses.

With a lot of passion and love
Dimitris & Melanie

Our Sweet Temptations

Contact us

If you have a special preference or you ‘d like to pre-order your favorite sweets in larger quantities please contact us . We ‘ll be happy to assist you with anything you may need